Illustration by Sugarmaple Howell Golson.

“The best lunch date of my life. We were there for two and a half hours, but could easily have stayed for five.”

Tina Roth Eisenberg

“I continue to love what you’re doing. Great ideas.”

Jason Fried

“The moment Tina walked in I knew we were going to have fun. Our conversation was rich and the time flew by.”

Meg Hirshberg

“If an eagle and a tiger had a human baby that was then raised by ninjas, it would be Ted.”

Allan Branch

“Ted is extraordinary at what he does, and he’s a man of his word.”

Phil Caravaggio

“It was a wonderful time and a really great meal.”

Adam Lisagor

“I have to say, you are very good at what you do. The timing was perfect and with one introduction you’ve enabled a ton of fruitful connections (which in the long run, might actually help save lives) in the span of a few days.”

Deroy Peraza

“It was such a great experience that I’m wracking my brain for other problems in my business that Ted could solve with a thoughtful connection.”

Tim Hackbarth

“I wanted to thank you again for the past weekend’s amazing fun and incredible opportunity to have an exchange of notions with Anil [Dash]. I feel even richer for the ideas & starting-places that have come out of the whole thing!”

Sean Michaels

Signs someone is a Sugarmaple.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). There is no artifice, posing, or other distorting gloss. Candor is the default. Their motives are out in the open.

They radiate warmth. You can feel that they are fundamentally caring. They prefer hugs to handshakes, especially when they greet close friends.

Their natural reaction to another’s distress is empathy. They are wonderful listeners. They resist dispensing advice unless they are specifically asked for it.

They were born to do the thing they do. Their motivation is intrinsic. People who know them well are entirely unsurprised by what they’ve chosen to dedicate their lives to. It all fits.

They’re capable of silliness. Life is absurd. They get this. Kids adore them.

They believe ‘not knowing’ is a gift. It’s an invitation to learn. This resonates: ‘What we have learned is like a handful of Earth; what we have yet to learn is like the whole World.’ ~Avvaiyar

They’re liberal. They believe that being cared for is a right, not a privelege.

They’re sane. They may be eccentric. They may be risk-takers. They may even be a bit neurotic. But they are not dangerously crazy. They don’t have significant insecurity issues. Their sense of self is not imaginary. They’re not powder kegs.


I’m Ted Pearlman. To get a sense of me, watch this short video about Meddle, my problem-solving conference.

Pictured: Katie Tharp, set designer; Eugene Mirman, comedian. Shot and edited by Sugarmaples Aidan Hornsby & Joseph Brett.