Illustration by Sugarmaple Howell Golson.

“The best lunch date of my life. We were there for two and a half hours, but could easily have stayed for five.”

Tina Roth Eisenberg

“I continue to love what you’re doing. Great ideas.”

Jason Fried

“The moment Tina walked in I knew we were going to have fun. Our conversation was rich and the time flew by.”

Meg Hirshberg

“If an eagle and a tiger had a human baby that was then raised by ninjas, it would be Ted.”

Allan Branch

“Ted is extraordinary at what he does, and he’s a man of his word.”

Phil Caravaggio

“It was a wonderful time and a really great meal.”

Adam Lisagor

“I had a very enjoyable lunch with Seth [Godin] yesterday — a smart and likable guy. There are degrees of kindredness (as well as of heresy). But we do seem to share a fair amount. Thanks for matching us.”

Alfie Kohn

“It was such a great experience that I’m wracking my brain for other problems in my business that Ted could solve with a thoughtful connection.”

Tim Hackbarth

“I wanted to thank you again for the past weekend’s amazing fun and incredible opportunity to have an exchange of notions with Anil [Dash]. I feel even richer for the ideas & starting-places that have come out of the whole thing!”

Sean Michaels

“You know how it seems like everyone has a personal trainer, now? I believe Ted is the progenitor of a new kind of empathy-based collective problem solving that everyone will take for granted some day.”

Pete Forde

“ is a collection of passionate, ambitious, big-hearted visionaries, and Ted is the Master Cultivator.”

Michelle Rowley

“I have to say, you are very good at what you do. The timing was perfect and with one introduction you’ve enabled a ton of fruitful connections (which in the long run, might actually help save lives) in the span of a few days.”

Deroy Peraza

What is

In short, is a community of good folks who do things together.

Ted PearlmanCircleUIT06-01FlatMy name is Ted Pearlman. I’m a fervent, lifelong connector and the founder of

In my travels, every few months or so, I’m lucky enough to meet someone with an extraordinary combination of positive traits – someone warm, funny, bright, sincere, giving, empathetic, open, and utterly themselves. And every time I introduce two of them, they hit it off. Every time. I call these folks Sugarmaples.

Several years back, it dawned on me that I knew enough Sugarmaples to start a small in-person and online community for them. I wanted these rare and wonderful folks to have the opportunity to talk, laugh, eat, travel, volunteer, trade, work and collaborate with one another.

In April of 2013, in the English Cotswolds, we held the first Sugarmaples problem-solving conference, called a Meddle. The short video, below, will give you a feel for the tenor of the Sugarmaples community.

For more on my personal philosophy of life and business, check out my Pudding Manifesto.

Pictured: Katie Tharp, set designer; Eugene Mirman, comedian.
Shot and edited by Sugarmaples Aidan Hornsby & Joseph Brett.
Music by Sugarmaple Geoffrey Keezer.

What are Sugarmaples like?


This is the first thing people notice when they meet a Sugarmaple. They are very personal people. Hugs over handshakes – always. Kids adore them.


Sugarmaples think of laughter as a fuel for living. They notice, appreciate, and get a kick out of reflecting on the ironies and absurdities of life.


Sugarmaples are quick.


Sugarmaples are artifice-free. If you ask them a question, they feel a very strong obligation to give you a truthful answer. WYSIWYG.


Sugarmaples give without worrying about whether it will be reciprocated. Life has a way of working out.


A Sugarmaple’s natural reaction to another’s distress is empathy. They are wonderful listeners. They resist offering advice unless pressed for it.


Sugarmaples are entirely comfortable answering “I don’t know.” Not knowing isn’t seen as a weakness. It’s an opportunity to learn, to grow as a human being.

Utterly themselves.

Sugarmaples spend their lives doing the thing they were born to do. Or they are fighting to. They know a pursuit doesn’t need to hurt to be worthwhile.

“It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities and talents.” ~Eric Hoffer

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Who’s a Sugarmaple?

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How do you make money?

Through Tips for Terrific Transactions.

It’s a simple concept. If one Sugarmaple sells something – software development consulting, a mountain bike – to another and both feel terrific about how it went, the seller pays a 13% tip back to Since Sugarmaples, by nature, are sincere and giving folks, there’s no enforcement mechanism needed. We operate on the honor system.

For a little more background on the philosophy behind this model, do check out my Pudding Manifesto.