About Me

The basics.

I live and work in Denver, Colorado. I’m married to Allison, an architect. We have a first-grader, Oscar, and an enormous Newfoundland dog called Tatou.


You can get more of a sense of me in the short documentary that was made about a conference I run, called Meddle, below.

Katie Tharp, set designer; Eugene Mirman, comedian.

More miscellaneous resume items: I have a bachelor’s degree in music from Cornell University (1990). I’m a veteran of the Charles Mingus Jazz WorkshopSonyIBMRoguewave Software, and CQG. My other passion projects are Fall: In Love with Music, a music venue I’m developing for Denver, and Meddle.

Things that inspire me.

I’ve always loved watching – or listening to – Sugar Maples collaborate. When I was about eight, I stumbled on Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s first duet album, tucked between Dinah Washington and Mel Tormé on my father’s shelves of records.

Ella and Louis

That was the moment I realized the magic that happens when two people with extraordinary gifts and beacon-like humanity work together.

Listen to it.

I go back to the same short film at least once per week, called The Man Who Planted Trees. I was lucky enough to see it my sophomore year at college. It’s as meaningful for me today as it was thirty years ago.


Watch it.